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:Hi:In my opinion ,the amazing thing ishanging on those kinds of things which people call small things is more harder than which calls important things. : examplify , one of my good behavier ,when Im unhappy ,and one bothered me is in that time i ask own is she/he thinking about u and her/his work ,well ,with it i can clean forget it very well but today when i attentioned & focused a lot in my everyday activities i knew that ,yeh its obvious that i cant forget the fools every day cause of their repetitionToday , I saw a man who has written about 12 books,The thing is yep if i didnt get familier to him i thought like others that he is so  knowledgeble ,but it wasnt,He was saying bullshit a lot during the time ,ly he was bullshit & absurd one.but the amazing thing was , he could . . .

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